Jewelry Care Resources

From determining your ring size to choosing between carat weights, we know there’s a lot to consider when purchasing new jewelry. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of resources to help you find (and maintain) your perfect ring.
Custom rings design: A step-by-step guide

There’s nothing more special than wearing a ring that’s designed just for you and your love story. Our jewelry consultants are eager to help you personalize your piece to fit your unique needs with a customization process that’s as easy as one, two, three.

Step 1

Submit a consultation request and be connected with one of Lillian M. Collection’s expert jewelry consultants, who will be your guide through your bespoke experience.

Step 2

During your one-on-one consultation, your jewelry consultant will ask detailed questions about your aesthetic, lifestyle, and budget preferences. You’ll get to try various styles and options with our magnetic ring builder and designer rings.

Step 3

Depending on your ideal budget, preferred stone shape, and setting type, your jewelry consultant will help you determine and build your dream ring.

How to measure your ring size

Finding out your ring size couldn’t be easier than with a ring-measurement tool. If you’ve booked a one-on-one consultation with Lillian M. Collection, our jewelry consultants will ensure you get your most accurate measurements. However, if you are purchasing online and don’t have a ring-measurement tool, there are still a few ways to ensure a perfect fit. Here’s your guide on finding the exact size of your ring.

Step 1

Find a string, a strip of paper or a thread, then wrap it snugly (but not too tight!) around the base of your ring.

Step 2

Mark where the string overlaps with a pen. Unwrap and repeat the first two steps a couple more times to ensure accuracy.

Step 3

Place the string along a ruler or measuring tape, and note the length in millimeters.

5 tips For selecting the perfect diamond carat weight

One of the most important elements of the four “C’s,” carat plays a significant role in determining your ring’s overall cost and look. Your budget, style, and aesthetics will help guide you to the right choice. Here are our expert-approved tips and tricks for finding your dream stone.


Engagement ring rules dictate the cost of the ring should equate to two to three months of your salary. However, experts say it should come down to what you’re comfortable spending. Because carat weight directly influences price, your first step should be determining your budget and finding a price that fits your financial situation.

Unique Anatomy

The size and shape of your or your partner’s hand and the length of their fingers will help guide your decision-making. A larger diamond may look overwhelming on diminutive hands and vice versa. Make sure to try out different-sized diamonds to see what looks and feels best.

Personal Style

Are you a minimalist, or do you love to make a statement? Those who love a subtle and delicate look might be drawn to lower-carat weights (1 carat or lower). Those who prefer a weightier silhouette might select a 1.75-carat (or higher) ring. If you’re somewhere in the middle, perhaps an average-sized diamond is a better fit for you.


Do you lead a more active lifestyle? Does your job require working with your hands? If so, selecting a lower-carat weight might work better for your lifestyle. A setting that sits closer to your finger can also ensure your diamond doesn’t extend out and interrupt your daily activities.

Diamond Shape

Do you prefer round or oval, or square or rectangular shapes? Each type of diamond cut will showcase your diamond’s brilliance, clarity, and carat differently. Consider what shape you or your partner are attracted to, and examine how it looks with your preferred carat weight.

Caring for jewelry 101

A love that lasts forever? Yes, that’s what we would like your Lillian M. Collection pieces to be. That’s why we put together a go-to guide on how to never let your Lillian M. Collection pieces lose their shine.

Clean Your Ring

Over time, dirt and grime can build up in your ring, diminishing your diamond’s sparkle and luster. That’s why it’s good practice to bring in your ring twice a year for a professional cleaning. You can schedule a cleaning appointment with Lillian M. Collection, or clean your ring at home with a soft bristle brush and a solution of six parts water to one part ammonia. Rinse and pat gently with a soft towel to dry.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Take your ring off before coming in contact with any harsh substances. Chemicals, like chlorine bleach, can disintegrate the alloys in your jewelry, chipping away at your ring’s luxurious finish. White gold, for example, is plated with rhodium, which can come off if exposed to household chemicals.

Replate White Gold

As mentioned above, the rhodium plating on white gold jewelry can fade with repeated wear and exposure to chemicals. To keep your jewelry in the best shape possible, get your ring professionally re-plated to bring back a flawless white-gold finish.

Ensure a Proper Fit

External factors, like weather and aging, can affect how your ring fits on your finger. If your ring is too loose, it might end up twisting, sliding, and slipping off. The chances of accidentally hitting your stone against furniture increase, as does the possibility of damage to your jewelry. If your ring doesn’t sit snugly on your finger, it might be time to come in for a resizing.


With regular wear (and time), prongs can become loose. It’s a good idea to check in with Lillian M. Collection’s jewelry experts to ensure your ring’s prongs are tight and stone is safely secured.

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