Frequently asked questions

What is Lillian M. Collection?

From engagement rings to fine jewelry, Lillian M. Collection provides soon-to-weds and their loved ones everything they need to perfect their wedding-day look, from engagement rings to bands to bridal earrings. But beyond that, Lillian M. Collection provides everyday classics and gifts for celebrating life’s biggest milestones — anniversaries, birthdays, and more. A true concierge jeweler, Lillian M. Collection personalizes each and every experience to customers’ unique love stories.

Do you have jewelry experts on staff?

Yes! Our jewelry consultants are here to guide you through your options at Lillian M. Collection. They’re well-versed in everything from diamond cuts to grading reports and everything in between. Whether you’re shopping for a wedding band, bespoke engagement ring, or everyday classics, you can feel confident in our experts’ ability to help you find your perfect sparkly creation.

Do you offer in-person appointments?

Yes! Appointments are held at our Design Center located in Dallas. Click here to schedule your consultation.

How should I select a ring?

What are the 4 C’s?

The four “C’s” refer to diamond cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. When shopping for a diamond ring, these are the most important factors to consider as they all contribute to the total cost and appearance of your jewelry. For a more detailed breakdown of each component, visit our education page.

How do I know my ring size?

If you don’t know your ring size or have a ring-measurement tool, don’t worry! We’ve put together a few easy steps to help you measure your ring size and find a perfect fit. Read more on our resources page.

What is carat weight, and how do I select it?

Carat is the standard unit for measuring the weight of a diamond. Generally, the higher the carat, the higher the cost. However, budget isn’t the only thing that influences your decision regarding carat weight. Read more about our tips for selecting your diamond’s carat weight here.

What metal type should I select?

You might already have your heart set on a specific hue, whether it’s a warm gold or a cooler silver. However, there are different options to consider within those color palettes. If you’re drawn to bright white, you might waver between white gold and platinum. Read more about the different metal types, and find out which is a better fit for you and your budget.

Do you offer customization options?

Yes! As you shop on our website, you can build your own custom ring by selecting your diamond shape, metal, stone size and ring size. Not sure what fits your style? We also offer one-on-one consultations with Lillian M. Collection’s expert jewelry consultants. All you have to do is schedule an appointment for an in-person or virtual session, and one of our experienced jewelry consultants will help guide you through your options.

How do I order jewelry?

Can I order through your website?

Absolutely! Lillian M. Collection’s website makes it easy for you to shop for engagement rings, wedding jewelry, and so much more. You can build your own custom ring by selecting your diamond shape, metal, stone size, and ring size. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for online, contact us, and one of our jewelry sales specialists will help you custom-create your dream ring.

Can you help me with modifying or canceling my order?

Of course! We want to ensure you’re happy with your experience, so our team is here to help. Feel free to give us a ring at (940) 222-5636 or contact us here.

What are your shipping options?

Lillian M. Collection offers delivery straight to your doorstep, as well as pick-up options at our Design Center or any of our Dallas, Texas, locations. To learn more about shipping, please visit our delivery and pick-up page.

What does your packaging look like? Is it discreet?

We understand the surprise element is an important part of your proposal. That’s why all of our engagement rings arrive in unmarked packages. We also offer pick-up options at our Design Center or any of our Dallas, Texas, locations. Feel free to contact Lillian M. Collection’s team for any special requests.

Deposit Options

For certain jewelry and special order items, you may elect to purchase by paying a 50% deposit at the time of placing your order and paying the balance in full thirty days after the date of your order.  No items are shipped or delivered until payment in full is received.

Payment is automatically charged to the credit card input on the site at the time of order for both the deposit and the balance. Your election of the Deposit Option is an express consent for us to charge your credit card for both payments.  You understand that failure to pay the balance when due will result in your order being canceled.  For special orders, your deposit will be forfeited if the order is not paid in full within thirty days of the order as required.

Shipping schedule
Do you offer free shipping?

Lillian M. Collection offers free shipping on orders over $500.

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